For almost 175 years, the Tompkinsville Church of Christ has gathered and met in south central Kentucky.

On the 27th day of November, 1841, the disciples of Jesus Christ met according to agreement in the presbytering meeting house in Tompkinsville, Kentucky, and constituted themselves into a church congregation.

Those words are found on the first page of a very old church register. Thirty years later, on November 16, 1871, two acres of land were purchased for two hundred dollars. The next year, a meeting house was built on Main Street. By 1890, the average attendance was seventeen with a weekly contribution of thirty-three cents. 

In those early years many preachers came to Tompkinsville to deliver gospel meetings; some of those men included T.B. Larimore (1913, 1914) and Guy N. Woods (1931-1934). In 1936, the present building was erected following a donation of land by state senator Frank M. White. The brick building was built behind the original structure on the newly-built Main Street. In the 1950s an education wing was added to the back of the building.

The church building that still resides today on Main Street is a testament to the planning, execution, and faithfulness of so many people years ago. From those meager beginnings, the Tompkinsville Church of Christ has grown to a congregation of several hundred and continually endeavors to uphold sound BIblical teaching and provide our community with examples of humility, patience, love, and respect. Our efforts are solely meant to bring glory to God and others to a belief in Jesus Christ. 




Throughout our history many men have served our congregation as Elder. The list includes: Michael S. Barr, Jacob L. Abshire, J.E. Lyon, W.B. Roddy, J.H. Newman, L.M. Williams, J.M. Jackson, Fred Hayes, A.C. Pinckley, Schyler Goad, O.C. Landrum, Sid C. Ray, Walter Stephens, Hugh Bedford, Cecil Lyon, Pat Hagan, R.D. Starnes, Fowler Ross, Sr., Rex Proffitt, William Abney, John Lee Fox, Randall Grider, Fowler Ross, Jr., Freddy Haile, and Sam Hagan. Our congregation currently has three men who serve as Elder: James Arnold Deckard, Larry Tim Ross, and Larry Wilson.

Some of the men who've served as our evangelist are: Charles Tidwell, Douglas Davis, Ross O. Spears, Herbert Ledford, Ed VanHooser, J.T. West, Carson Burroughs, Darrell Beard, Cecil Shaw, John Murphee, James Parker, Donald W. Craighead, Ricky Shive, Max Petett, Westley Hazel, Stephen Hunter, and our present minister, Neal Mathis.


We are actively seeking more information about the past history of our congregation. If you have any information or documents that we could use to piece together more of our story, please contact us.