Our congregation is led by 2 men who serve as Elders (pastors, bishops, overseers). Their responsibilities include the spiritual guidance and oversight of our congregation and its various ministries. They have their hand in every aspect of the congregation overseeing the works of the deacons and minister. They also offer spiritual guidance and direction for all of our members and uphold the standards of teaching from all of our Bible class teachers and our minister. Our two current elders are: David Pitcock and Larry Tim Ross.


Our deacons work as ministry leaders. They are assigned certain tasks and fulfill (under the oversight of the Elders) the work of that specific program or ministry. Our deacons work in areas such as the Bible school program, mission work (both foreign and domestic), and in repair and upkeep of the building. Our current deacons are: (first row) Kerry Anderson, Kirk Biggerstaff, Brian Copas, Mike Davis, (second row) Tommy Geralds, Haven Page, and Phillip Ross.