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current sermon series - witness

In this short sermon series, we survey the Book of Acts through the trials of our Christian ancestors. These moments, frozen in time, give us a glimpse at what it takes to defend the truth, and nothing but the truth. If you have any questions, please contact us.

peter & john

After they heal a lame man, the crowds around the Temple gather to them. Peter uses this moment to preach the Gospel and draws the ire of the Jewish leaders who had recently put Jesus to death on the Cross. Peter and John’s boldness sets an example for all of us.


Stephen’s bold proclamations to a rile-up crowd are historically important to the Church. They should give us all the evidence we need to “dig our heels” into the ground and say what’s right, even when it’s not convenient or popular.

Jason’s Household

Even though we hear nothing from the accused, the example of Jason and his household should be something we hope to emulate. They were supporters of the Lord’s Work through good and bad. Can we say the same?


If it’s before Felix, Festus, or even the Emperor, the Apostle Paul wasn’t afraid to do and say what’s right. When his faith was put on trial, his faith held up.