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In 2017, we are going to study through the entirety of the Bible on Sunday nights in 20 minute sections. Each week, our minister will deliver a message about a single book of Scripture or a section of books that can be condensed into 20 minute Bible studies. These lessons are not exhaustive, but they are meant to be informative, applicable, and easy-to-use. For those interested in teaching God's Word, there will be a link below each lesson's audio to a study guide and answer sheet for you to use as you'd like. As always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us. 

If you'd like to listen to the companion lessons from the New Testament, follow this link

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The first book of the Bible is ancient and awe-inspiring. It is the story of our beginning and our beginning with God. As we study the 5 major themes of the book, please take note that our journey with God began here but didn't come close to reaching it's full potential. Men like Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Joseph show us so much about being with God and a great deal about leaning on Him when life pushes back. 




The Book of Exodus takes us on a journey that traces the humble beginnings of a baby boy cast down a river to all the way to a brave man facing the might of the Egyptian empire. Along the way we see God's voice, power, judgment, and even His mercy show themselves through quiet moments and extreme miracles. This journey may not be God's greatest, but it surely was man's greatest. 



Leviticus, numbers, & deuteronomy

These 3 books represent God's Law, God's people, and God's expectations. We can't overlook them as we see some vast lessons, important decisions, and lasting implications unfold across a frustrating time for the Lord of the Hebrews. God's people must be willing to listen to His Word, these books present the why and the how of that statement.




This great book of Old Testament history highlights the victorious campaign of Canaan. Under the leadership of Joshua, the Israelites took the land God promised Abraham generations prior. While it wasn't easy, the lessons learned were incredibly valuable to the people of God. Several key points must be appreciated such as Rahab's faith, Joshua's courage, and the concluding thoughts that speak of God's providence. 




The book of Judges is heartbreaking. It contains some of the greatest victories we see from God's children right alongside some of their greatest defeats. While the simple message of repentance and delivery is all over this book, the dreadful reality of sin and punishment is incredibly visible as well. 


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The book of Job is about overcoming, not suffering. There is a universal truth found in how Job trusts in God during the worst days of his life. While his suffering seems to be much larger than anything we'll ever face, the reality is we all have our Job moments. There will be times you'll need the faith of Job to endure life. Value his example and learn from his life and you can be truly blessed. 




The book of Ruth shows us how to endure when tomorrow follows tragedy. The great journey of Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi is truly poetic. It shows us the faithfulness of God and the true quality of God's Children. 



first and second Samuel

The story of Samuel, Saul, and David is truly one of peaks and valleys. As we explore this groundbreaking time for the people of Israel we see their successes and failures come and go almost interchangeably. It's frustrating, but worth it in the end to see the path God took to place a man on the throne "after His own heart."




The Psalms give us a glimpse at OT worship and show us how people have been responding to God for centuries. In the Psalms we learn how to worship, how to pray, and how to live holy. 




The wisdom of Solomon's proverbs has stood the test of time for centuries, because it belongs to God. As we study this wonderful book we find that wisdom is valuable for everyday life. It makes the quality of a person's life better and is truly something we can learn to love and practice. 




Solomon's wisdom isn't found just in the Proverbs. The book of Ecclesiastes also details some great truth about life, death, and handling our inherent responsibilities in this world. 



song of solomon

This short book of poetic dialogue is one of the most obscure, avoided, and misunderstood books in the entire Bible. In this short lesson, the beauty of the book is explained. For a deeper study, please follow this link to our Bible Class material entitled Love and Intimacy.


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It's difficult to summarize hundreds of years of history in just a few minutes. The history of the Israelite people is worth a great deal of study. This short introduction merely scratches the surface. In this lesson, we'll introduce you to the big lessons from the books of 1 & 2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles.




As we begin studying through the prophets, we start with Joel. A short book concerned with the coming "Day of the Lord." 




The Minor Prophet Habakkuk is literally a conversation between the prophet and God. Habakkuk wonders why God allows the wicked to oppress the righteous or innocent in this world. God's answer isn't what Habakkuk was looking for though. 




The book of Hosea is part story, part prophecy. Hosea was a man who could actually empathize with God and the suffering He received from an unfaithful spouse. 




The prophet Amos deals directly with hypocritical behavior among God's children. What's very beautiful about his short book is that Amos was just a normal guy (a shepherd, farmer) who God used to dispense His message of righteousness. If God can use Amos, He can use you as well.


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The prophet Isaiah had one of the greatest ministries in the history of the OT. The message of Isaiah was overtly Messianic. He spoke about the coming judgment and the "Suffering Savior" in poetic language that is unrivaled. It shouldn't be lost on us the beauty of the simple message of Isaiah found in his name's meaning, "Jehovah is salvation!"


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jeremiah & lamentations

These two books represent one enormous volume of destruction. For centuries, God had sent His prophets to warn of the impending "Day of the Lord." In Jeremiah's life, that day arrived. His book of prophecy highlights the actual events and Lamentations is a reflection upon God's suffering through the eyes of the prophet. 


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Almost all of us know the VBS stories, but do we appreciate the uniqueness of Daniel's story? It's far more than just a bed-time story to tell our children about lions, fires, and kings gone mad. 


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The prophet Ezekiel prophesied to the Israelite slaves in the land of Babylon. There, he encouraged them to not lose sight of God or hope in deliverance. 


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Two great builders who often go unnoticed in Scripture are Ezra and Nehemiah. Their work leading God's people to rebuild following the destruction of Jerusalem is worthwhile. 


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The story of Esther and her heroism is truly remarkable. She is one of the best examples of God's providence and the role it plays in our lives. 


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The final book of the OT teaches the Israelites once again to avoid their indifference towards God. That message is strangely still meaningful today.