previous sermon series - the victory

Starting in November 2016, our minister began a series of lessons focusing on the Book of Revelation. While we won't spend enough time to cover every detail, prophecy, or   even verse, the main ideas, movements, and messages we'll be discovered. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

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Studying the Book of Revelation isn't easy. Much attention must be made to the themes found across the text. This lesson covers material that will introduce even the casual student to the why's and the what's of Revelation before we begin to dig deep. You'll find as you listen that Revelation has six ideas that are clearly and eloquently detailed. Those six ideas will form the basis of the remaining lessons in this series.


lesson two - a Ragtag bunch

Chapters Two and Three give us a glimpse at how Jesus sees our congregations. The seven churches of Asia Minor and their circumstances still prove valuable today when we self-examine our congregations. A study of what made them work or fail is needed today as we learn what works and fails in our communities.


lesson three - worthy is the lamb

When you look at Revelation you see one thing clearly stated. God is worthy of our praise. In moments of heartache, uncertainty, and the seeming victory of the wicked, God intervenes. The theme of Revelation is God's Victory. Don't forget that and worship the One who put it all in place and saw the end of His plan result in the victory to end all victories. 


lesson four - when the roll is called

The final lesson in this series focuses on the Day of Judgment and what it will be like in Heaven for God's people. The Victory of Revelation is the scene we see around the throne, the lives of those who served God, and the end of pain, death, and sadness for those who God brings home.