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Jeremiah’s ministry was characterized by opposition, suffering, and a message that his people did not want to hear. What can we learn from his faithful journey and the message that God gave his rebellious people? This series will look to the different ways that Jeremiah’s life displays the necessity of both deep faith and engagement with a world that needs it.

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The Book of Jeremiah gives us a glimpse at something eternally important - how disobedience leads to destruction. For generations, the people of Israel repeatedly refused to listen to the Lord's instructions and followed too many evil desires to number. And yet, even though they had broken the terms of their covenant with God, He was willing to bless them if they would only repent. Scripture has continually taught that justice can only allow evil to go so far. In one final act of mercy, God chose Jeremiah to give the people of Israel's southern kingdom a final chance to turn from their wicked ways or be exiled to Babylon. Sadly, they didn’t listen. 

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As Jeremiah begins, he lays out several truths for the Israelite people. First off, their sin was overwhelming. Secondly, the need to repent was undeniable. Thirdly, God’s judgment was certain. The early part of the book (chapters 2-6) before his famous Temple Sermon (chapter 7) comes from Jeremiah’s early ministry. Though it is somewhat repetitive, their is so much to be learned.

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no. 2 divine judgment

No. 3 Fraudulent Religion

This section (chapters 7-10 and subsequently 26) displays the heights of Jeremiah’s preaching and the depths of Israel’s sin. In these passages, we see the prophet deliver a moment frozen in time to all of God’s people. It gives us a glimpse into the mind of God with respect to our behavior and obedience. It clarifies what matters most to Him and uses the example of the Israelites as a warning to all those who would come after them.

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No. 4 Examples

As we explore the moments from the Temple Sermon until Chapter 26, we see several noteworthy events and messages that must be explored. Please note that these messages and events are spread across several decades of prophetic ministry and are not intended to be read as one continually line of action.

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No. 5 Warnings

These chapters reflect the increasing hostility that Jeremiah faced due to his pronouncements against Judah. He had already been questioned publicly (chapter 26) and even punished by a leader of the priests (chapter 20). In these moments, God gave Jeremiah opportunities to stand face-to-face with those false prophets spreading a message that wasn’t from God.

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No. 6 Hope

After years and chapters of scorn and judgment, the Lord gives Jeremiah a message of hope. These chapters stand out in Jeremiah but their message shouldn’t be overlooked. Yes, God is disappointed in Judah. Yes, they have sinned and judgment is coming from Babylon. But God will not forget them and abandon them. They’re too important to Him. 

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No. 7 The End

As Jeremiah draws to an end, the destruction of Jerusalem and the fate of those left alive will come to the forefront of the book. These moments are incredibly sad, yet brutally honest. God has been warning the people of Israel for years, but they wouldn’t listen.

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