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previous sermon series - the afterlife

Most people believe in an afterlife, but are their beliefs based on anything other than opinion? Does the Bible talk about the world to come and what happens after death? These lessons are meant to answer some of humanity’s most common questions about the afterlife. Below, you can see a breakdown of the lessons. They’ll be presented over the next few weeks during our morning worship assembly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

no. 1 - sheol

The Old Testament Wisdom Literature spent quite a bit of time talking about the grave. The Hebrew word Sheol doesn’t refer to an afterlife, rather a place of rest. As we discover their thoughts and wrestle with their conclusions, we may see their thoughts of the afterlife were just a bit underdeveloped.

No. 2 - HADES

What exactly is the Paradise Jesus eluded to on the Cross? What about Abraham’s bosom and torment from the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man? Could there be a place of waiting before the Day of Judgment?

no. 3 - ETERNITY

There’s more to the discussion of heaven and hell throughout the New Testament than just about any other discussion. We’re not just talking about Revelation either. Discover what Jesus and the inspired writers had to say about our eternal homes.