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current am sermon series - skeptical

Many people struggle with doubt. They doubt the circumstances around them, the people in their lives, and even their faith in God. Over the course of these 3 lessons, we'll tackle doubt. Particularly, our doubts about God, the Church, and the Bible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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who needs god?

In a world that is progressively post-Christian and (in their own words) beyond God, what purpose does God still serve for mankind? I don't think you'll be shocked to hear that His purpose doesn't lie in our approval of Him or our definition of His deity. 

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who needs the church?

More and more, the world around us is becoming anti-religion and anti-establishment. What do those ideas have to do with the Church Christ established? In a word, everything. 

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who needs the bible?

Self-help guides are all the rage in 2017. So are books about leadership, humility, and service to the greater good. Don't be surprised if you didn't know, the Bible is the first and greatest self-help book. It points you to God who makes it possible for you to live eternally in Heaven, if you'll just listen to the wisdom He shares. You can have confidence in your tomorrow, the Bible is the first in a long-line of books to teach us that simple truth.