vbs 2018 schedule (june 3-6)

6 pm

Dinner is served.

Each night, a meal will be provided for children under the age of 18. The menu consists of the following: Sunday - Ham and cheese sandwiches with fixings; Monday - PB & J sandwiches with extras; Tuesday - Pizza; and Wednesday - Hot Dogs.

There will be plenty of other things to eat as well including cookies, fruit, and snacks. 

6:30 pm

All Greenhorns aboard, it's time to get fishing!

Join us on board our fishing boat as we begin exploring the deep blue sea in search of the elusive Great White Fish. During this time in the TES Gym we will introduce all our students to the rules of VBS, we sing some silly songs, and we'll begin to learn about our Bible class topic for the night. 

7-8 pm

Fish on the Line, now it's time to get to work!

This hour will be spent in class and in craft time. Students between the ages of 4-10 will split the time in half between their classroom studying the story of Jonah and the craft room making some really cool projects. The teenagers will spend forty minutes in class and 20 minutes in a snack break while the adults will gather for class as well. 

At 8 pm, we'll dismiss everyone back to the Gym for a few moments of goodbye thoughts. 

8:15 pm

Bon voyage Greenhorns!

It's time to say goodbye each night. For a few moments we'll get back together to talk about tomorrow night and what needs to happen to make each day better. We'll also give out tickets to the big boat ride based on certain merits and we'll send everyone off for one final dessert before they head home.