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Defining the roles of Jesus can be a very cathartic process. Separating the roles of Jesus actually helps us see who He is more clearly. It opens up a discussion into larger conversations and lets us truly appreciate all He did. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Jesus is the “Savior of the World.” What does it mean to call Him by that title? Does it merely mean He died on the cross or could there be some bigger picture and work at play?


A lot of people want to call Jesus their friend, but what does that mean? Could it be something more than a trivial, archaic way of describing someone you like? Perhaps, Jesus personifies it better than anyone else?


The work of the Messiah was two-fold. As Jesus taught and performed miracles, He proved Himself to be the One Andrew told Simon about and the One the Woman at the Well was waiting for. That work, alongside of His work as the Savior changed the world forever.