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The Revelation of Jesus Christ is one of the most confusing and intimidating books in all of the Bible. However, it’s message is simple - God is victorious. We hope you’ll take the time to study with us through the context, content, and application of this wonderful letter written to those seven Churches so long ago. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Every book of the Bible exists within a context that must be understood. As the Apostle John described the visions he saw from the island of Patmos, he existed, and the text existed in a context of OT prophecy, NT persecution, and future judgment. In this introduction we examine the history of OT prophecy and NT fulfillment and the making of an environment that needed the visions in this revelation.

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Chapter 1 describes Christ unlike any other passage in Scripture. As we dissect this monumental text, we see the “Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End” come to life like never before. The lesson below is a condensed version used for the weekly radio program here in Tompkinsville.

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the churches

The Seven Churches of Asia deserve a thorough examination. Exploring the worlds they occupied and the characteristics Christ uses to describe them should teach us a great deal about our own congregations and our strengths and weaknesses.

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The Throne

Chapters 4 and 5 give us a glimpse at the Throne of God. As John is taken away from this world into that world, we see something beautiful, powerful, and awe-inspiring. The recording for chapter 4 comes from our weekly radio program. It’s a little bit shorter, but still covers the content from the handout.

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The Seals

After the scene at God’s Throne, the Lamb opens the scroll explaining the future redemptive history of mankind and the Church. Some of this section is the most easily confused in all of Scripture. As we study it, pay careful attention to the symbolic detail of these otherworldly scenes.

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Following the unlocking of the seven seals, seven trumpets are blown. They will explain the judgment that falls upon those who stand in God’s way and the role of those who are His during those moments.

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The Trumpets


The Signs

This section (compromising chapter 12-15) further the discussion of God’s epic battle with the devil. The cosmic and earthly battle between right and wrong has been raging for years and will continue. These lessons will dive deep into the role we all play in those moments today.

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