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monroe county vbs 2019 - the hunt for truth

This year, the Monroe County VBS is going to the Old West. Once again this year, several different Churches of Christ from Monroe County, Kentucky and Clay County, Tennessee will join together and throw the greatest VBS this world has ever seen. Our round-up commences June 2-5 at the Tompkinsville Elementary School at 6:30 pm each night.

The Hunt for Truth is more than just a white-knuckled ride through the countryside, it's also a fundamental aspect of life. We all have questions, thankfully, God is the answer. Each night, we’ll tackle an important question about God, Jesus, the Bible, and the Church. Stay tuned for more information and a way to register your child in advance. Below is a short description of the questions will answer each night in our skits and Bible classes.


How do I know He exists? What evidence has He left behind? Is all of my faith for nothing if I can’t prove God exists? These questions alongside many more will be answered in Sunday’s lesson for adults, teens, and children.

The Bible

Can I trust it? It’s so very old and it’s so very long, does that mean it’s no longer relevant? Are there any characteristics about the Bible that make it more worthy of my respect than any other book? These questions will be answered Monday night in our classes.


Is He more than just a great teacher? Is He divine? Do His teachings, miracles, and characteristics mean He’s something no one else could ever be? What exactly does it mean if the Bible is right and He is the Messiah? These questions will be answered on Tuesday night in our classes.

ThE church

In a world full of churches, what did Jesus mean when He said, “I came to build My Church?” We teach so many different things. We worship in so many different ways. We don’t even look like one another. So what’s right? What is the Church supposed to look like in 2019? Can we even know the answer? These questions will be answered on our final night.