Getting There is Half the Fun - Ruskin Mission Trip Day No. 1

We left last night, July 12 at 11:56 pm from the Tompkinsville Church of Christ building. We piled into 2 separate 15 passenger vans and made our way to Ruskin, Florida (a small town outside of Tampa). All totaled, there were 25 of us from the Tompkinsville, Mt. Gilead, and Germany Churches of Christ. Our group was made up of teenagers, retirees, and many in-between. As you can see below, it’s quite a handsome collection of God’s people.


We made our way through Tennessee, Georgia, and eventually on to Florida without much trouble. We settled into our house, ate some dinner, made grocery and beach stops before turning in for the evening. We will worship tomorrow morning with the South Hillsborough Church of Christ before our works begins in earnest after evening services. Stay tuned for more updates.