It's Hump Day

Wednesday has come and gone. It was an awesome day full of a ton of work. Today, we went above-and-beyond the call of duty and finished a couple of large projects. We finished the trimming around the edge of the facility and then hauled off all the bushes. The pile is incredibly large and one day they'll have one crazy bonfire. It's just a bit too hot for us to enjoy that this week, but that's okay. 


The picture below is just one of the piles we moved today of trimmed bushes. At the end of the day, our group moved about 10 loads that size to the burn pile. 



Tonight, we had a devotional time in the children's home with the kids from this facility and their host families. It was a great time. 

On a bit of a down note, we've had some van troubles today. We found a nail in the tire this morning and we took it to a shop. After we picked up the van, we found out that another tire is now leaking air. Needless to say, we've taken it back and we're anxiously awaiting an answer tomorrow morning from the repair place. We're going to be okay, I'm sure of that. These trips always have issues, sometimes they're just larger headaches than necessary. 

We're excited about our trip tomorrow to Fiesta Texas outside of San Antonio.