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Current bible class - logical theology

Everyone has an opinion of God, but is that opinion based on fact. Is it merely a contrived image of God or is it based on Biblical truth? We want to make sure you understand God and all He’s declared unto the world. This class will focus on developing a theology that’s Biblical, sound, and, in the end, logical. God is marvelous, but also definable. May we truly respect who He is and what He’s done. The lessons are divided below. Feel free to check out the recordings and download the class handouts at your convenience. They’ll be uploaded each week. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

no. one - Introduction

Why do we need to think about theology? Is there a valid reason to think correctly about God and His Word?

no. two - Deity

Who is God and why does it matter?

no. three - Humanity

Is there something noteworthy or tragic about our species? In the end, how do we relate to our Creator and why does it matter?

no. four - the plan of Salvation

What is God’s plan for mankind? After we’ve seen the problem, what is God’s solution?

no. five - the bible

How does God reveal His plan for mankind’s salvation? Is there something unique about the Bible and its design?

no. six - eschatology

How does God’s plan finally come to fruition? Is it in this world or the world to come?