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The book of Judges tells the story of Israel's total failure after the death of Joshua. Judges were tribal chieftains, and their story can be quite disturbing. It serves as a tragic tale of how Israel's leaders became increasingly corrupt and no better than the Canaanite tribes they had overthrown. Though sad, this is also a story of hope for the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

For a brief overview, check out the Read Scripture Poster provided by The Bible Project:

How Soon They Forget

The opening chapters of Judges set the stage for the wholesale failure they book finishes with. Joshua, a great leader, who reminded the people constantly about God’s faithfulness and power dies and the people of Israel turn from God in overwhelming numbers. What lessons can we learn from their downward spiral?


Gideon is someone we want to like. A great leader who unfortunately started out a coward and died an enabler of sin. His story is one that shows God can and will used flawed men to execute His Will and judgment in this world.


A man larger-than-life, a story full of sadness and sin. There is so much more to learn than the basic facts.