PREVIOUS sermon series - grassroots kingdom

Beginning in February, our Sunday morning sermon series will focus on the Church and it's outreach to the world around them. Our lessons will detail how the Church grows and sustains that growth. We'll discuss methods of evangelism and see how the First Century Church "turned the world upside down" (Acts 14:6). If you have questions, feel free to contact us. 

If you plan to listen to these sermons (instead of downloading them), please give them just a few moments to load once you press the play button. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

the problem

Our world is broken. God has a solution, but how many people actually know about it. The Grassroots Kingdom was built so the world could know about God's saving grace. In this introductory lesson, we mount a challenge to each Christian to take their part in the Kingdom and build it from the roots up.


the scratch

When a new company starts they often say they're "starting from scratch." This lesson will focus on how we define "the scratch." The Church grew out of a great collection of people that made up a melting pot of personality, ability, and potential. We are still surrounded today by those some characteristics and those same people. 


the want-to

Just because the potential is there doesn't mean the end result will make its way to your front door. The Church must posses the "want-to" to truly be evangelistic. 


the hard part

Getting people in the door isn't the goal of evangelism. Jesus told us to "make disciples" in Matthew 28. That word "disciple" represents the hard part of evangelism. We must learn how to take a little bit of interest and turn it into a lifetime of commitment.