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Evangelism is a necessity for the Church. While many younger generations are beginning to examine its importance, the Scriptures are plain. Jesus expects us to “go into all the world.” So what must we do in order to be evangelistic. You might be surprised, but it’s really not that complicated. Below you’ll see brief introductions to the lessons and an audio track of the lesson that was presented. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


There is something inherent special about an invitation. The Apostle Andrew shows us why that little bitty, insignificant part of our life is a vital part of evangelism. If you can invite, you can evangelize.

knowing & looking

In John 3, Jesus shows us the importance of being ready to answer. In John 4, He shows us the value of looking for students. Both of these stories reflect something we must all possess to be great evangelists. Once again, if you can know God’s Word and you can see the world’s need for it, you can evangelize.

missionary work

The Apostle Paul teaches us several key ideas about evangelism from the time he spent on the missionary journeys. Learning these ideas and putting them into practice are vitally important.

the need for preachers

One of the hardest obstacles to becoming an evangelist is the inherent scrutiny that comes when you put yourself out there. Many people are afraid of what this conversation may do to their relationships. If you’re brave enough to tell someone they need God, you can be an evangelist.