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We recently began discussing the use of alcohol and what the Bible has to say about it. It is our opinion that this topical discussion has more than one simple thought or idea behind it. Please take the time to listen to these lessons. If you have questions, you are always free to contact us. 



This introduction lesson sets the stage for our discussion of alcohol and the Bible. True disciples are hard to find in this world because tough choices must be made. Take some time to see the difference between those who follow and those who disciple. That debate is at the heart of our thoughts on alcohol and the key to understanding what the Bible really says about the topic. 


the words we use

Would you believe the word "wine" in both the Old and New Testament doesn't always mean an intoxicating drink? If not, trust me, you're not alone. Many people approach the Bible with a naive sense of study and application. We're going to do our best to escape that easy route and find the truth behind the words we use and what they mean to our lives as God's children. 

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the rest of the story

After all is said and done what is left? With this topic, we must see how it has impacted the lives of those characters in the Bible we must not leave behind. A study of Noah, Lot, and a few others will uncover that the misuse of alcohol is an abominable thing that God's Children can not defend.