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follow the leader

The Exodus is one of the most well-known stories in all of Scripture. It is a story that seems larger-than-life. Even casual students of the Scriptures are aware of Moses, Pharaoh, the plagues, and the wilderness wanderings of the Israelites. We'll study these events as they unfold and look for obvious themes and lessons. Please feel free to download the lessons below. 

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There are many events that unfolded prior to the Exodus that play a huge role in the circumstances surrounding our story. As we take the time to see how these events unfold, we can see the providence of God setting the stage for future events that sometimes are hundreds of years in the future. 

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Away we go

The opening chapter of Exodus introduces us to situation God told Abraham about in Genesis 15. With the passage of time and death of those who remember Joseph, God's people find themselves in one massive predictament. Through their faithfulness and fear of God, they find themselves blessed by their creator but plagued by those who rule over them. 

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choose wisely

Moses' adoption into the royal family of Egypt was always a part of God's plan. The circumstances that lead to this event are unfortunate, but the outcome is undeniable. Because Moses learns to think like the Egyptians but trust in God, he learns a valuable lesson about loyalty and devotino.

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