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current pm sermon series - elohim

Having a proper conversation about God is a fundamental requirement of all Christians. We must know who He is and how that impacts our understanding of Him. In this series of lessons, we will tackle the tough questions about God and the implications that come from asking them and answering them. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


It seems illogical to us that God is One yet three distinct personalities. As we explore what it the Trinity means, we’ll see Scripture is quite clear.


The Bible tells us God made us. What exactly does that imply? Could it be that God’s Word addresses our creation outside of Genesis chapter 1?


When the Bible says “God is love,” it implies so much more than our thoughts on infatuation and romance. God is the source of all things loving, it’s a part of His very nature. He defines it and makes it possible. That quality can’t be overlooked or undervalued.


What does it mean that God is all-powerful? It’s obviously a large, encompassing thought that requires some due diligence on our part. Thankfully, Scripture gives us an answer.


What does it mean to say God is all-knowing? Does it merely mean He is knowledgable? Does it mean He learns? Does it mean there’s something He couldn’t know or wouldn’t know? Is there any evidence throughout Scripture that God knows more than we do?