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current am sermon series - don’t give up

Our world is full of quitters. Far too often, when life gets tough, humanity just gives up. These three lessons are aimed at countering that mindset. As we explore stories throughout Scripture surrounding the patriarch Joseph, we’ll see a common theme - we can overcome. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Don’t give up

When Joseph faced hardship, disappointment, and even death, he persevered. His endurance is a lesson in-and-of-itself. What can we learn about facing our own troubles from his experiences?

Don’t give in

Temptation is right around the corner. It’s easy to do what’s fun instead of what’s right. It’s easy to love the moment instead of God Himself. Once again, Joseph, shows us that we must not give in, we must face our demons and conquer them with God’s help.

give back

When life is good, it’s easy to give God what He deserves, so what are we to do when life isn’t all kicks and giggles? When everything doesn’t come up smelling roses, can we still give God all He deserves? Joseph’s life shows us the value of giving back, even when we don’t want to.