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The life and times of Paul the Apostle are truly remarkable. When you consider his journey in detail, you'll be able to see how God works in the lives of his "chosen vessels." Our study will take us from Jerusalem to Rome along a winding trail of dedication, faith, repentance, and transformation. Paul's life is the classic example of "what if" and we're very thankful to have this opportunity to study a great man and his life's work. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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the persecutor

When we first meet Paul he is a young man holding the coats of those stoning Stephen for his faith in Jesus Christ. From that early introduction, we eventually come to know a man who "wrecks havoc" on the early Church. This side of Paul isn't pleasant, but is necessary to see who he was and who he became. 


the patient

Following his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus, Paul spent some time as a patient in a house in Damascus. Those few short days play a pivotal role in the development of who Paul becomes. His visit with Ananias and God's message to Ananias are notable as well. In fact, the theme of Paul's life comes from these few short days when God tells Ananias, "he is a chosen vessel of mine" in Acts 9:15. 


the preacher

The Apostle Paul is most famous for his missionary journeys. What we often miss is not just that he went, but why he went in the first place. His preaching laid the groundwork for the 21st century church. We are here today because of his outreach to Gentiles and the modern Roman world. As we study his message, we see that he focused on Christ and His resurrection and changed the direction of the world forever. 

the prisoner

The Apostle Paul's life is the truest example of a 180 degree shift. He went from being a Persecutor to one who was persecuted. As we explore the experiences he faced as a "Prisoner of Christ" we see someone who came to peace with his role in life and his service to God.