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current pm sermon series - broken

We’re all broken. That’s the human condition. We’re born, we grow, we hurt, and we die. There are several encounters in the New Testament where Jesus and His disciples encountered broken individuals. Within those stories, there is much to learn. We hope you’ll join us as we discover the truth behind broken people and a Savior who heals. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Man at the Pool

When Jesus stumbled upon a man waiting for help, He found someone broken and hopeless. This short story explains what Jesus brings into our lives, freedom from pain and sin. This man’s story is truly encouraging and a moment of genuine inspiration for those who feel lost and alone.


THE Gadarene

A wild man, overcome with a demon is the epitome of broken. As Jesus heals this man, we learn a lot about people and their response to God’s power when it interferes with their livelihood.