previous sermon series - big shoes to fill

Families are very important to us. Families are the most important incubator for lifelong faith and trust in God's Word. Families play the single-most important part in the raising of Godly children and eventually Godly adults. With that being said, this month we will examine the role father figures play in the lives of their children. By examining the relationships of Moses and Joshua, Eli and Samuel, David and Solomon, Paul and Timothy we can truly see the how big the shoes are we must fill to be God's children. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 



Moses and Joshua led the people of Israel through years of uncertainty. Moses guided them out of slavery into the Wilderness of Sinai. Upon his death, Joshua led them in their conquest of Canaan. What qualities did Moses pass along to Joshua. How was Joshua ever able to fill Moses shoes?



David and Solomon held a position beyond our understanding as God's chosen kings of Israel. What can we learn about the role David's choices and legacy left for Solomon and Solomon's left for Rehoboam? If we're honest, there's plenty to learn.



Eli and Samuel are a fascinating case study when it comes to the idea of family. Samuel wasn't his son, but Eli raised him to be the prophet and judge of Israel. While Eli failed miserably with his own children, Samuel became the greatest judge the Israelites ever knew. How and why did that happen?